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Without all these people life at The Laughing Stock would be very difficult!

Check out these guys...what they do is BRILLIANT!!



Ast&Red: Web design.

Responsible for this beautiful website: couldn't come more highly recommended.


Gail Turpin: Branding and Design.

Totally addictive.  Brilliant and a true pleasure to work with.


Anna Wright: Illustrator.

Total magician - has done lots of our illustrations


G.Bower: Butcher.

Based in Stockbridge in Edinburgh.  By far the best in his field.


Uig Lodge Smoked Salmon: Smokehouse

Based on the Isle of Lewis.  A fantastic smoke.


Richard Johnson: Journalist

Responsible for the British Street Food Awards.


The Underbelly: Show production

The brawn and brains behind an amazing summer run of events and shows.  You'll find us under the big purple cow!!