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Who's going?

Fat Lad

What's he sold?

The Harry Bratt - our salt beef sandwich


Victory - Again! 


Best sandwich

British Street Food Awards

For the 2nd year in a row the 2011 British Street Food Awards saw us take home an award, this time is was for The Best Sandwich.' Our home cured Saltbeef sandwich aka The Harry Bratt

The event is the brainchild of Richard Johnson who passionately believes in great British street food and his enthusiasm and drive are spearheading the British street food revolution.  


After winning our catagory in 2011, Best Sandwich, with 'The Harry Bratt' our Hot Salt Beef Sandwich, there is know doubt that we'll be back to reclaim the title. 


To sample our triumphant sandwich come and see us on the London Southbank, we're there until the end of Semptember.